Suunto 5 Peak Landing Page

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For Urarstvo Lečnik, in cooperation with the Finnish company Suunto, we have created a landing page / presentation page for the new Suunto 5 Peak sports watch model. When we were designing and developing the landing page, we focused mainly on the effective presentation of the new model, the new functionalities of the Suunto 5 series and essential features of the Suunto 5 Peak. On the landing page of the Suunto 5 Peak, we have integrated te so-called "hot spots" to highlight the key features of the new sports watch. We have integrated an interactive 360 degree view, which allows the visitor to view the watch from different angles. We have also designed an interactive overview of many Suunto 5 Peak functions with changing tiles directly on the watch, which allows the visitor to get to know the functionalities of the watch in depth.

Integration on each Suunto 5 Peak model product page